CallMate - Transforming Data Entry Forever

CallMate is the next-gen AI-powered revolution for outbound calling and customer outreach.

Data Entry

Data Entry Meets AI And Machine Learning

CallMate does the data entry automatically with the help of AI while you are on call with the customer.

90% accuracy

Upon Initialisation

99.9% accuracy

Within Weeks


CallMate Was Born Out Of A Real Need

CallMate was born for an in-house need at Think To Share as we needed a reliable solution for all our data-entry needs coupled with a chance to utilize our vast expertise in Machine Learning.

No Human Errors In CallMate Data Entry
Easy to Implement Within Existing Systems

CallMate Gets Better With Every Use

The revolutionary part about our automated data entry model is that the more calls your company takes the better trained your information recognition model will be.

Automated Data Entry

AI And Machine Learning Enabled

Client Targeting

Potential Client Shortlisting

Analysis & Reports

Custom Performance Reports

We needed something to automatically input different bits of data that we might have encountered in meetings and calls. Plus, we needed it to be at least 90% accurate and free of human errors and able to understand every English accent including Indian English accent.

So that’s where the story starts where we have a real problem in our hands which is spending too much time in manual data entry and also the issue of human errors. We needed something that was accurate enough to have better results than human data entry but also being efficient in doing the work in a fraction of the time.

Manual data entry is simply not the most efficient way to do it and we needed a solution that we would keep in-house so that we can maintain confidentiality with our data and establish the utmost level of security when it comes to our work.

So, we needed something that would perfectly fill the need and that is how CallMate was born, out of a real necessity to find out a solution that was not available anywhere.

It was not very difficult for us since we already have an extensive amount of experience with AI and machine learning along with creating enterprise great software for various companies. We simply had to combine the two where a machine learning model could be created that would learn by itself to get more accurate with time.

That is exactly what CallMate is. CallMate is practicality and efficiency bundled together in a model that gets accurate the more you use it.

CallMate has been specifically created to help customer executives save time in taking calls rather than putting the customer on hold to do manual data entry.

Our systems work in real-time so when the customer executives talk to the customer, important customer information data said by the customer is automatically recognized by CallMate and automatically put into the data entry sheets. This means the customer executive can now take more calls and not worry about paperwork and data entry.

CallMate API and software will not only reduce customer executive loads by freeing them from data entry obligations but it will also enable them to take calls and be more human and more understanding with the customer.

In simple words, the more you utilise the software the better accuracy you will get when it comes to voice recognition and automatic data entry. It also means more effective client analysis reports for better client targeting.

We aim to revolutionise the calling industry and enable customer executives and companies to be more efficient in their operations. We would love to work with you and reach the finest peaks of efficiency and growth together with AI, automatically.  

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